Sherborne International

To all my Y11, H and S students. Here’s the electronic copy of the holiday work in case you didn’t take home the Exam Practice Workbook.

Y11 H and S holiday prep,

This is what I’d like you to do:

  • Complete Paper 1. There will be a few questions there that you will not, as yet, be able to complete confidently – do not worry, see the next point below…
  • Choose two questions on Paper 1 that you cannot do/ have struggled with. Research these topics and attempt to answer them after finding and studying similar, worked examples. Do these questions in a different colour so that we can separate them from the other questions you have attempted.
  • Go though Paper 2 with 3 different coloured highlighting pens. With the 1st colour highlight all the words that you do not understand, with the 2nd colour highlight all the words that are key words in the question, and with the 3rd colour highlight all the words that are indicating a degree of accuracy for your answer.

Make sure that you bring these papers back with you. We will be going through them in detail in the couple of lessons we have available before the Mock exams start.

You have all worked really well this term, and doing this task carefully over the holiday will be of fantastic benefit.

Have a great holiday – see you in January.

Mr Stobart