This page is for anyone with an interest in this numeracy difficulty. I have many students who come to school with little English. Usually as a student’s level of English improves so does achievement in mathematics. However, there are times when this lack of language does not mask a weakness or difficulty in mathematics. So, what’s going on? What is it about numbers, sequences and other essential numeracy skills that is making tasks difficult?

Good reading:

Babtie, P and Emerson, J (2015) Understanding Dyscalculia and Numeracy Difficulties, London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Hornigold, J (2015) Dyscalculia Pocketbook, Alresford: Teachers’ Pocketbooks

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@stevechinnUK             an independent consultant, researcher and writer. As well as writing maths books, worksheets and tests, he has contributed chapters to many books, including, ‘Dyslexia and Mathematics’ (which was the first ever UK book on maths and dyslexia)

@DysMLD                     Twitter account of the National Conference of Dyscalculia and MLD

@dyscalculiahead          Dyscalculia Headlines, a website bringing together relevant headlines from a multitude of sources

@dyscalculiaInfo            Judy Hornigold, an educational consultant specialising in dyslexia and dyscalculia

@DyscalTrain                Dr A M Schreuder, founder of the dyscalculiaservices.com (see below)



http://dyscalculiaheadlines.com/   a website linking to news headlines regarding dyscalculia


http://www.learning-works.org.uk/free-downloads/national-dyscalculia-and-mld-conference-presentations-and-free-resources has ALL the materials from the past 8 national conferences free for download. Brilliant.

http://dyscalculiaservices.com/ an American based website that has many resources available. Set up by Dr A M Schreuder, (@DyscalTrain) who has also authored a number of book on dyscalculia. One page also outlines a number of apps that they have found useful. Mostly they are for the younger age group – I’m not promoting any of them as I’ve not tried any, just pointing to something that may be useful.